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Production History

HIDE premiered this piece in Ottawa in May of 2012 at a sold-out multi-company site-specific event called SubDevision. Modeled after Vancouver’s HIVE events, SubDevision saw companies from Ottawa take over a church and perform in all the nooks and crannies they could find.

HIDE was initially performed in a church antechamber with lots of cupboards, but it is site-adaptive and always looking for new homes to invade.

​Part Audio Tour, Part Furtive Speed Date

A fur coat sets out to find its body by bringing unsuspecting audience members on a tour to try and jog their shared memory. Sound, dioramas and whisky are combined to evoke an absent protagonist who is looking for a match in a piece that is part museum walk, part game of hide and seek.

Created by Mi Casa Theatre

Text by Emily Pearlman
Music by Nicolas Di Gaetano

Voice: Todd Duckworth

Haunting, primal, INTENSE. - The Visitorium