play where you live

9 short plays that stubbornly celebrate a sustainable future

October 17th and 18th at 7:30pm

Textile Museum, Almonte

Tickets $10/$20/$25

at Eventbrite or Millstreet Books

*All funds raised will support local tree planting initiatives*


Includes 5 new pieces co-created by 15 Almonte community members, plus international work by Sunny Drake, Brian Dykstra, Zainabu Jallo, and Elspeth Tilley.


Come and see a creative collaboration between 40 locals age 10-65 and then join us afterwards for an opportunity to eat snacks and connect with local initiatives that are addressing climate change. NOTE: Some plays contain mature language.


This project was made possible, in part, by SPARC Supporting Performing Arts in Rural and Remote Communities through their Collaborative Community Initiatives fund.


Presented as part of Climate Change Theatre Action


Plays directed by Nicki Gallo, Lindsey Lambden, Emily Pearlman, Kris Riendeau Hansen, and Jennifer Sheffield


Performed by Emma Andrigo, Jacob Berkowitz, Christine Dever, Elsbeth Farrell, David Frisch, Karen Gallagher, Matt Gallinger, Jesse Gibson, Peyton Macnamara, Marjorie Mennie-Piper, Stevie Silver, Andy Simpson, Renee Kokonya Sullivan, Izzy Whitaker, Nora Ziai and more


Production and Outreach team Ryan Andrigo, Jane Ellens, Emily Pearlman


Poster Design - Leanne Czerwinski


Snacks provided by Strawberry Blonde Bakery

© 2014 Mi Casa

Countries Shaped Like Stars

in which water glasses are played photo credit: alex cairncross